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2016 standout Mustapha Heron pledges to Pitt

Pitt lands yet another top underclassmen recruit

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Just picture it - The University of Pittsburgh 2019 National Champions. Ok, we are extremely far away from those thoughts, but the way Pitt has been recruiting lately certainly bring optimism to an already strong program. Pitt landed their second prospect for the 2016 recruiting class today as Mustapha Heron committed to Jamie Dixon's Panthers. Heron is a 6-4 shooting guard/small forward hybrid that plays for Sacred Heart in Waterbury, Connecticut.

It was reported over the weened that Heron was unofficially visiting Pitt during the game against Albany, but I doubt many expected him to commit so soon. Heron is a 6-4 wing that certainly does not resemble many past Pitt players. Heron is a consensus as a top 20 sophomore and could be a big time prospect for the Panthers.

Before we all go running to buy those Final Four packages in a few years, there are a few things we all need to remember. Talent as a sophomore to his senior year can fluctuate. Maybe he stays where he is, or perhaps he falls behind some other late bloomers. Even better, he could climb to a top five recruit or something, but with that calls for more attention. Not a lot of programs have reportedly offered yet, but that's not to say more programs cannot come calling. Syracuse, Florida, Kansas, and UConn among others have shown interest to date.

Pitt's best connection with Heron is the relationship between Pitt assistant Barry Rohrssen and Heron's father. The two played together overseas, and it seems to be a strong relationship. So through any changes over the next two years, Pitt has that for some insurance in that reagard. Watching Heron play, you can see he looks pretty well built for just a sophomore, and should compliment the other two Pitt underclassmen recruits well. Right now, Damon Wilson is a 2015 top 100 type player from New York City, and Maverick Rowan is a 6-6 guard from nearby Lincoln Park in Beaver County.

Notable: Heron went 1 on 1 with NBA all star Chris Paul as an eighth grader.

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