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Tino Time Shouldn't End

Well, I was glad to see Paul Zeise's article laying the smackdown on conspiracy theories about why Tino Sunseri is the team's quarterback. After the Miami game I was surprised to read Kevin Gorman's piece in the Trib that stated Sunseri should lose his job to Pat Bostick. He played poorly but it was against a tough defense and with a weak offensive line. The truth is that Sunseri played fairly well in Pitt's other two games.

Zeise brought up the exact same points I did immediately after that Miami game. Bostick's supporters often point to the West Virginia and Notre Dame road games as his ability to lead the team to big wins. Pitt won in spite of him, not because of him, as evidenced by his five interceptions in those games. While I have no doubt that Bostick has at least improved a little since those games, to give up on Sunseri because he had one bad game is ridiculous. He'll only continue to get better and pulling him after one game wouldn't solve anything.

The thing I struggle with the most is the logic from fans in saying that based on the Miami game, Pat Bostick deserves to be the starter. Bostick entered that Miami game in the fourth quarter and promptly took a sack. He then completed four straight passes, 'proving' to fans that he could move the ball down the field. Only problem is that it was late in the game and at that point, teams ahead by a large margin are either likely playing in a defense that will allow teams to complete shorter passes, not playing as hard as they were in the beginning of games, or both. It's all well and good that he was able to complete some passes, but it's tough to give him too much credit based on coming into the game in the fourth quarter of a blowout loss.

Bostick then came down, threw two incompletions, completed a short pass to Mike Shanahan, then threw an interception. But he wasn't finished - he then came in on the next drive and threw another interception on his next attempt.

Look, I've got nothing against Bostick. I think he's a solid backup and if forced into action, can do a serviceable job. But I wouldn't rely on him at this point and to suggest that his play in the Miami game actually should have earned him the job is nonsense. Tino deserves more time and I think he'll only get better each week.