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Gilbert Brown Ready For Full Season

It's going to be interesting to see where Gilbert Brown fits in this season. He may be the most athletic player on the team and one of its best scorers, yet didn't even start last season. The suspension at the beginning of the season was extremely disappointing not only because he sat out so many games, but because he was supposed to be a leader on a fairly young team.

Gil says he learned a lot last year:


"Being out for the first semester last year, it was a life-changing event that helped me out of a lot," Brown said. "I took it for what is what it was worth. I treat every day like it's my last now. You can't take anything for granted."



I'm inclined to believe him and barring any unforeseen circumstances, he should start this season. Pitt has a couple of different options - they could start him at power forward where he'd be a mismatch for 90% of the players who would guard him or they could start him at his more natural position, small forward.

Nasir Robinson is a fine player, but I hope we don't see him starting again this season. My starting lineup would look like this:

C - Gary McGhee

PF - Dante Taylor

SF - Gilbert Brown

SG - Brad Wanamaker

PG - Ashton Gibbs

The only thing I hate about that lineup is playing Gibbs at the point will reduce his scoring effectiveness. He can do so much more when he doesn't need to run the offense. I think Travon Woodall is capable of starting at point guard, but then who do you sit? Pretty much the only option I would see would be to play Taylor as the backup center again and move everyone up one spot (Brown to PF, Wanamaker to SF, and Gibbs to SG).

But that's why you have camp and the non-conference games - to figure that stuff out. Either way, having Brown for a full season will help the team be much more ready for the Big East schedule.