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Big East Power Rankings Week 8

Time again for the SB Nation Big East Power Rankings, organized by The UCONN Blog. Lots of action after this weekend's games.

For starters, here's my poll:

1. Pittsburgh - This was really by default...only 2-0 team. Still not sure they're better than WVU.
2. Syracuse - Again, by default, they had to go here. Beat WVU at home and have same record.
3. West Virginia - Still may have the best team
4. South Florida - Just like that, in the top four afer beating Cincinnati on the road
5. Cincinnati - Still a question mark, but like Pitt, control their own destiny
6. Louisville - Improving, but can't put them any higher than this since they lost to Cincinnati
7. Rutgers - Crushing loss to Pittsburgh raises questions
8. UCONN - Only winless team in conference play and other than itself, may have played conference's two worst teams

Pitt clearly deserves to be in the No. 1 spot at this time, but it's impossible to feel secure that they'll be there all year long. The league seems to be just too unpredictable right now.

And as always, check out the composite power rankings as well as individual ballots over at The UCONN blog.