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Mike Cruz Wins Weekly Tight End Award. No, Really.

Yes, really. It's not an actual award but there is recognition given to the week's best tight end. Pitt TE Mike Cruz was the recipient of said recognition this week.

Mike Cruz was named the John Mackey Tight End of the Week for his two touchdown performance against Rutgers last weekend. The honor is apparently given by the Nassau County Sports Commission. Dorin Dickerson and Erik Gill were both past winners of the honor.

Cruz hasn't exactly lit it up in terms of production this season. He hasn't even amassed eighty total yards yet ... for the entire year. And his two touchdown receptions were his only catches in the game.

Must have been a slow week for tight ends.

The award is of course named after Hall of Famer, former Colts tight end, John Mackey.

Despite not having a strong statistical season so far, Cruz is looking better and as his two touchdowns proved this week, is becoming more of a target for QB Tino Sunseri.