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Devin Street Moves Up Depth Chart, Saddler Down

Paul Zeise of the PG brought up something I hadn't thought about recently - even though it was right in front of my face at the last game. But Devin Street has apparently passed Cam Saddler on the depth chart at wide receiver. I noticed he caught a few balls last week (three catches for 30 yards), but didn't know that the snap disparity was so great between he and Saddler.

According to to Zeise, Street appeared in 15 plays while Saddler was only in two. I doubt Saddler's crucial fumble in the Miami game had anything to do with it since he was back there returning kicks last week and the fumble came during a punt return and not during a play where he was a receiver. Zeise also mentions that he expects Street to continue getting more and more snaps to give Pitt another big receiving option out on the field.

Street is a 6'4" redshirt freshman who looked pretty good in camp. He basically stole the thunder that Todd Thomas had since he officially signed. Even though Thomas is a true freshman, there was some hope that he could play some this season. With the emergence of Street along with Pitt's mild glut at the receiver position (Jon Baldwin, Mike Shanahan, Saddler, and Greg Cross), Thomas isn't needed right now and it's better to redshirt him if they can.