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Greg Romeus On Track

Dave Wannstedt said previously, he expects Greg Romeus to return before the year is up:

"I have been involved with players, in fact all defensive linemen, who have had surgery and have gotten back and finished out the season," he said. "They were (out) four to six weeks."

Added Wannstedt, "The plan is it's not a season-ending surgery. How many games he will get back for, we will just have to take that week to week. But I am very confident when Greg gets back, he will be playing at a high level and finish up a great senior year."

On Friday, Paul Zeise weighed in briefly with an update on the situation.

Zeise says in his daily Q&A that while it's too early to tell if Romeus can make it back during the regular season, he is at least getting around campus and should begin running in a few days.

I've mentioned this before, but while it may be good news for Pitt fans to have Romeus back, the coaches need to make sure he doesn't rush to get back and really needs to look out for his future ... which is an NFL career.