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Big East Basketball Power Rankings - Pitt Still No. 1

Despite UConn's hot start, Pitt still held on to the No. 1 spot in the SB Nation Big East Basketball Power Rankings.

UConn did garner several No. 1 votes, but Pitt still leads the way. If Pitt hadn't won any games against good opponents, I probably would have placed the Huskies first. But Pitt has some good wins over Texas and Maryland, so I'm keeping them in first for now. Here's my ballot:

1. Pittsburgh
2. UConn
3. Syracuse
4. Georgetown
5. Notre Dame
6. Louisville
7. Cincinnati
8. Villanova
9. West Virginia
10. St. John's
11. Marquette
12. Providence
13. Seton Hall
14. Rutgers
15. South Florida
16. DePaul

Stop over at The UConn Blog for the full results as well as other individual ballots.