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Pitt Football: Dave Wannstedt Lands In NFL With Buffalo

Former Pitt coach Dave Wannstedt has finally accepted a job after reportedly having multiple offers.

Wanny is headed to Buffalo to join friend Chan Gailey and to coach the linebackers.

He's ready to get to work with Gailey, who was his offensive coordinator in Miami:

"Chan's had success everywhere he's been," Wannstedt said. "Knowing what he's about as a football coach, knowing what he believes in and having worked with him in Miami, I know he has the winning formula. I'm excited to be part of this coaching staff and am looking forward to making a difference with this defense."

After I saw that he was interviewing for the defensive coordinator job with the Browns, I figured he might land there. But Wannstedt reportedly interviewed for the job the day before taking the Bills position.

Cleveland would have meant likely more money and is a little closer to home. But Wannstedt will still be on the east coast and the chance to work with an old colleague and friend might have been too tough to resist. Plus, who knows how he would have fared in the interview process with the Browns.

Good to see him land on his feet fairly quickly.