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Pitt Football: Non-Conference Dates Announced

Pitt's has released its football non-conference schedule dates for 2011. Here they are (after the jump):

As we knew, Pitt has eight home games scheduled:

September 3 - Buffalo

September 10 - Maine

September 17 - at Iowa

September 24 - Notre Dame

October 15 - Utah

These are all Saturday dates and times have not yet been announced. I've said all along that I expect Pitt to do fairly well next season. The team still has some talented players despite all the departures and with eight home games, I expect to have a pretty decent year despite all the turmoil.

Similar to what I said in the preview for the Kentucky game, once you suit up, most of that stuff is forgotten. The offseason coaching stuff, recruiting stuff, loss of Wannstedt - it all washes away. Football is football and when Pitt kicks off its season, it's going to come down to who has the better players and better execution on the field. I expect to win its fair share of those battles.