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College Basketball Rankings: After A Crazy Week, Where Will Pitt End Up?

With seven of the top ten college basketball teams (including Pitt) going down this week, where will the Panthers end up when the new polls are released today?

Pitt came into the rankings the No. 2 team this week and despite a home loss to Notre Dame and a close win against Rutgers, they might not slip all that much. That's mostly in part due to the fact that No. 3 Duke, No. 4 San Diego State, No. 5 Connecticut, No. 7/8 Villanova, No. 9/10 BYU, and No. 10/9 Syracuse all lost in the past seven days.

Ohio State will remain at No. 1 and I expect No. 6 Kansas to leapfrog Pitt after going unbeaten this week. But after that, I think we'll see Pitt come in at No. 3. While No. 8/7 Texas didn't lose this week, they still have one more loss than the Panthers.

Pitt could obviously be jumped by someone like Duke, but if the voters hold true to how they voted the previous week, the Panthers might only end up dropping one spot.