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College Basketball Recruiting Rankings: Where Is Pitt?

While digging up the rankings this morning for Pitt's football recruiting class, I thought I'd check and see how the heralded basketball class is looking.

Out of the three main recruiting sites, was the only one where I could find actual rankings of classes. ESPN puts Pitt at 14th in the nation (must be an Insider to read).

Looking individually, everyone agrees that Khem Birch is a top ten-ish player. He is ranked No. 10 by Scout and No. 11 by He is still showing up in Rivals' class of 2012, but he's ranked No. 4 there, so I'll assume they'd have him in or near the top ten.

From there, we've got differing opinions.

ESPN is really high on Malcolm Gilbert, placing him just outside of their top 50 at 53rd overall. None of Pitt's other recruits show up in their ESPNU 100 of the top 100 overall prospects.

None of the other two sites have Gilbert in their top 100, but Rivals has Durand Johnson (No. 115) and Jaylen Bond (No. 148) in their top 150 and Johnson is now up to four-stars and is No. 80 overall in Scout's top 100.

And in case you're wondering, Steven Adams (class of 2012) is hovering around the top 50 as rated by Scout (No. 53) and Rivals (No. 46). Both sites list him as a four-star. ESPN does not have him ranked in their top 60.