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Pitt Basketball: TV Schedule Announced

Pitt's TV schedule for basketball was announced last week and while all of the Big East games are covered on ESPN or CBS, the non-conference ones are another proposition.

The Tennessee and Oklahoma State games are on ESPN and ESPN2 respectively and the City Game against Duquesne will be on CBS' College Sports network and Wagner on ESPNU (and, please - how is Pitt-Wagner good enough for ESPNU but not Pitt-Penn?), but after that, Pitt fans will be relegated to the oh-so-familiar ESPN3 as well as the Comcast Pitt channel and the Panthers All-Access for eight games. Yep, lots of hooking the laptop up to the TV, I can see. If you don't have a laptop with HDMI capabilities and an HD-TV, now might be the time to invest in one.

Part of that is due to the fact that Pitt's non-conference schedule this season is lackluster (though, as I've pointed out, there are some intriguing games). But man, two games on standard cable TV?

In all seriousness, this drives me nuts. I complain about this every year so it's not like it's anything new, though. I'm hoping that Root Sports will be able to pick up at least a few of these. Frankly, it sucks that we have a top 15 team and can't watch almost half the games on TV.