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NCAA Football Rankings: SB Nation Week 7 Blog Poll Top 25

Another week, another blog poll top 25. The consensus for the most part is that LSU, Alabama, Oklahoma are the top three - in no particular order. Below is the Cardiac Hill ballot with notes after the jump

At this point, I don't really know who No. 1 should be, but I do believe it's either LSU or Alabama. To me, Oklahoma (even after their big rout of Texas this week) doesn't have nearly the credentials of the other two teams.

On the Big East front, WVU remains the conference's only ranked team for now, but plenty of others have solid records. Thanks to Pitt's crushing loss this week, the Panthers aren't one of them. But in addition to the Mountaineers, there's Rutgers (4-1), South Florida (4-1), Cincinnati (4-1), and Syracuse (4-2). The conference has some teams off to good starts and might not be as bad as everyone thinks. Some of those teams will beat up on the others, but two or even three ranked teams at some point this season looks like a possibility.