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Week 7 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings: Pitt Drops After Loss To Rutgers

The SB Nation Big East power rankings are out for this week and once again ... well, we're late in getting them up. That said, my ballot's after the jump.

1. West Virginia

2. Cincinnati

3. Rutgers

4. Syracuse

5. Pitt

6. South Florida

7. UConn

8. Louisville

Yeah, I know - Syracuse is a bit high. Truthfully, I don't think they're the fourth best team in the conference, but their ranking was a result of what the rest of the Big East is doing. USF looked awful against Pitt and Pitt looked horrible against Rutgers. Point is, I didn't feel comfortable ranking either of those teams too highly. Not that the Orange necessarily deserve their spot, but they played Rutgers much tighter than Pitt did.

South Florida, similarly, could be too low. Again, though, even with only one loss, I didn't feel as if they deserved to be rated above Pitt since the Panthers destroyed them. Apparently, the Big East bloggers didn't share that sentiment, however.

Head over to The UConn Blog for the full results and individual ballots.