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What Was That?

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Words can't adequately describe just how awful the Utah game was. The stadium was pumped for the first quarter after the two touchdowns and then slowly but surely, Pitt and that unit formerly known as the offense (I don't know what you can actually call them) sucked the life out of the stadium. And the bad thing was that despite only gaining 120 yards of offense, Pitt still could've easily won.

But alas, it is Pitt football and we can't have nice things - like a team that is competitive on Saturdays (or whatever day this conference makes us play on). Facing a team that had a QB starting just his 2nd game and had lost two straight and committed 10 turnovers in those two games, you would have to think that Pitt could pull this one out. Sadly, the offense didn't show up for the second straight week.

This "bye week" couldn't have come at a better time. Pitt needs to figure out the offense. Suddenly, games that two weeks ago seemed like gimmes (like the Rutgers game and now the UConn game) are now looking like toss-ups. The Huskies managed a 16-10 win over USF, who are still struggling in the Big East despite being located in arguably the biggest recruiting hotbed in the country.

The big Tino vs. Trey debate was on center stage today and neither did anything to even make an attempt at being named the starting QB over Mark Myers or Anthony Gonzalez. I have no idea what Todd Graham is going to do for the Connecticut game, which is now looking like a battle of incompetent offenses. As much as fans don't like Tino as the QB, he's our best option for this season. Trey was given many chances to prove himself in this game and he did nothing to help his cause.

I'm only going to touch on this once does Ray Graham only get 12 carries in the entire game?! As one of the top rushers in the nation, it's unfathomable to think that he wasn't a bigger part of the offensive attack.

Am I giving up on this season? I'm really close. But like the Utah contest, Pitt will stay in every game, keeping fans pulled in and watching until they find more spectacular ways to lose. Honestly, raise your hand if you imagined Pitt could stay in the game managing only 120 yards of offense. I wouldn't be surprised if Pitt were to somehow, someway, beat UConn, Cincy, and Louisville and get everyone thinking that they might be able to upset WVU in Morgantown to win the Big East ... only to lose in some absurd fashion. That's because Pitt is a master at building up a lot of hype before finding new and interesting ways to dispel any hope for even a BCS bid (see 2008 and 2009 games against Cincinnati or the 2010 season).

At this point, fans can hope and pray that Pitt finds three wins on their remaining schedule. WVU is a likely loss, so that's three wins in four games. It's very possible that Pitt doesn't make a bowl this season and while there's a new coaching regime, I don't think many people thought that the offense would struggle this much. Todd Graham has had success in all of his previous stops so I think he may simply be lacking the right players to run this offense. But things are just so bad that I don't know if one recruiting class will be enough. 

If we're looking for a bright side, basketball has officially started practicing. Just 27 more days till the first tipoff.