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Pitt Vs. Utah: Chas Alecxih Not Amused

Paul Zeise of the PG delivered this gem from Chas Alecxih from the Pitt-Utah post-game presser:

"That's as mad as I've ever felt in my college career," Alecxih said. "77's [Cullen] fat ass came up and cheap shotted me when we were at the end of the game. If I wasn't in such control of myself, I would have hit him back. He waited until after the play then came up and hit me in the blind side.

"He was a dirty player, hey, it was a physical game and they came to play. We watched them on film and we knew they were pretty dirty and we knew they'd keep coming at us after the play so we just prepared ourselves for it."

Alecxih said the Utes were cutting legs, hitting after the whistle and doing things that aren't within the spirit of the rules of good, clean competition.

"I guess some teams do that and some teams think it gives them an advantage so I am really glad that we got out of there with no injuries," Alecxih said.

I've got no issue with Alecxih thinks Utah is a dirty team and if he says those things happened, I've not no reason to doubt him. It's hard to see him making that type of stuff up - especially since he called out an individual player and said exactly what happened.

But here's the problem.

The defense did a heck of a job and the special teams even more so. But the bottom line is that when you complain about those sorts of things when you come out on the losing end of things, it just looks bad.

Whether it's true or not, Alecxih looks like a bad sport. Further, if the offensive linemen are using cut-blocks, then complain to the ref about it. Maybe Alecxih and others did mention it, but while referees don't catch everything, if they're alerted to look for something, the good ones do just that.

Still, I don't doubt Alecxih for the frustration. This year has been bad all the way around so far and to expect the players (which are really still kids, by the way) to not let any of that get to them is asking too much.