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2011 BCS Rankings: LSU Tops Week One Poll

Yeah, this is a Pitt site and listing the BCS rankings likely won't be a weekly thing here, but the first week's results are out and LSU's No. 1.

Results after the jump.

The top three are a familiar sight - LSU, Alabama, and Oklahoma. After that, the first week generally follows pretty closely with the other top 25 polls.

One minor note related to the Big East is that West Virginia is the only ranked team. While it's not expected, no Cincinnati or Rutgers, despite the fact they both only have one loss. They also come in at No. 15 - a bit lower than the AP and USA Today polls where they ranked No. 11 and No. 14. Even computers are down on the conference, it seems.

No team in the BCS' top 25 has more than two losses. We'll have lots more ranking stuff this week, including the SB Nation Big East Power Rankings.