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Week 8 SB Nation Big East Football Power Rankings

Told you I'd try to get these up a bit earlier. SB Nation's Big East bloggers have again chimed in with their weekly power rankings of the conference. So after the Utah game, where does Pitt rank?

See Cardiac Hill's ballot after the jump.

Here's my ballot for the week:

1. West Virginia

2. Cincinnati

3. Rutgers

4. Syracuse

5. Pitt

6. UConn

7. South Florida

8. Louisville

Despite the ugly loss to Utah, Pitt didn't fall in my poll this week. I couldn't move UConn any higher because Pitt crushed South Florida while the Huskies' win over the Bulls was much closer.

And as much as I hate to say I told you, well, I told you so. For weeks, I'd been ranking Louisville last while others had UConn there. I voted UConn last in my preseason rankings, but they've clearly looked better than Louisville this season in my opinion. I expect them to finish ahead of the Cardinals.

Rutgers had a narrow win over Navy and I'm really curious to see where they finish. I still think Cincinnati is a better team, but maybe not. Either way, WVU looks like the class of the Big East and they'll be tough to stop from taking the BCS bid because I just don't know that anyone else can beat them and also get through the conference with only one loss.

As always, head over to The UConn Blog for the full results and individual ballots of others.