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Pitt's Ashton Gibbs Ranked 14th In Nation

Another accolade for Pitt's Ashton Gibbs. ranked their top 100 players and Gibbs came in at No. 14:

14. Ashton Gibbs (senior guard, Pittsburgh). Gibbs scored almost 1.3 points per possession last year, which was top 20 in the country. As he goes, so does Pitt.

Every time I see one of these I'm reminded just how good it is to have Gibbs come back this year.

Then there's this.

ACC Propaganda - North Carolina has four players in the top 13. Look, I get that the Tarheels are going to be good. Heck, I even grew up a Tarheel fan before I came to Pitt (shhh, keep it quiet). But I refuse to believe that they have four of the best 13 players in the country. Talent is simply too spread out.

Speaking of UNC, Kendall Marshall at No. 12? Really CBS? Marshall, in case you're unaware, is the Tarheels point guard. As a freshman last year, he averaged six points and six assists per game. Somehow that translates into a near top ten player and above a guy like Gibbs? I wasn't aware that putting up Tyrell Biggs-esqe numbers meant you were expected to be an All-American candidate.