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College Football Rankings: Week 9 SB Nation Blog Poll

Here's Cardiac Hill's latest SB Nation Blog Poll ballot. Comments after the jump:

Finally some big changes near the top due to the upsets suffered by Oklahoma and Wisconsin. Big thing of note may be that I dropped Oklahoma a bit farther than many probably did. This was, in part, due to the fact that I had to rank Texas Tech (previously unranked) ahead of them since they, you know, beat them head to head. If the game was at Texas Tech, than I could still be convinced to rank Oklahoma ahead of them, but since the Red Raiders won on the road, I couldn't avoid it.

More related to this blog, West Virginia's loss actually opened up the opportunity to rank two Big East teams. Cincinnati keeps winning and with one loss, deserved a spot. Syracuse gets my nod over West Virginia for the absolute thrashing they gave them. I'd love to hear the rationale for anyone that voted a two-loss WVU team over a two-loss Syracuse team after that beating. Apparently, lots of folks had that opinion as the Mountaineers are still ranked while the Orange are not.

This is precisely why polls shouldn't start until around the middle of the season. Because WVU had climbed so high in the polls, voters didn't want to do the right thing and bump them below Syracuse because that would have been a big drop. But the fact is that both teams have two losses and the Orange just beat them head to head by a whopping 26 points. Again, had the game been much closer, I could see voting WVU higher. But I simply don't understand how any reasonable voter could sit with a straight face as they fill out their ballot ranking the Mountaineers over the Cuse.

As always, great job voting members of the media and coaches.