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Cardiac Hill Teams Up With TiqIQ

I don't do a whole lot of pushing SB Nation's incredible advertising, but did want to mention this one since it not only helps us, but can be a direct benefit to you as well.

Cardiac Hill and other SB Nation sites have become partners with TiqIQ. TiqIQ is an online ticket company that finds offers incredible prices on game tickets. For example, at the time of this post, there are lots of tickets available in the $3 neighborhood for Wednesday's UConn game - three freaking dollars. Those aren't the nosebleeds, either - they're lower level seats (yeah, that's what happens when the team is 3-4 and the game is on a Wednesday night).

One cool thing is that they give you prices on tickets from lots of different sources including eBay, StubHub, and TiqIQ. So if you like buying your tickets from eBay, this will take you right to incredible deals. In a nutshell, if you click on the 'Tickets' link at the top of our page, you'll get deals from not only the big-time vendors, but you'll get them all together, rather than having to check out a bunch of sites to get the best deal.

So how does this benefit Cardiac Hill? Well, we get a portion of the sales. Not only that, but TiqIQ also gives us a small amount just for clicking on their link, even if you don't buy anything and just want to look around. So here's a plea to help us out by at least clicking the Tickets link when you stop by and take a look at tickets for Pitt games. There's football and basketball available - take your pick.

Or, you can click the link here.