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Pitt Basketball: See Khem Birch Debut For Under $5.00

I'll try to get these out on a periodic basis (without causing a great deal of annoyance, obviously).

In case you were interested in catching Khem Birch's debut in the season opener against Albany, we've got you covered. I mentioned about a week ago that SB Nation was teaming with TiqIQ to provide sports tickets. The reason that TiqIQ is unique is because you can search for tickets from various sources all at once. StubHub, eBay, etc. - there's plenty there and you can easily find tickets to any Pitt game.

Tickets for the Pitt basketball season opener against Albany season opener are going cheap - real cheap. As of the time of this post, there were lots of tickets available for $3.00 (excluding fees) in the uppers. I actually had no plans on going, but was able to get some lower level seats for about $8.00 each (again, before fees).

Here's the link for Albany tickets and be sure to check them out for other games as well, including the Louisville GameDay game.

As I mentioned before, Cardiac Hill gets a small payout for every visitor that goes to the site (regardless of if you buy tickets or not), so please click on the "Tickets" link at the top of the page and check out some of the great deals they've got to help support CH.