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Pitt Football: Kevin Adams Dismissed From Team

Last week, we saw some disciplinary action by Pitt head coach as he dismissed Kevin Adams from the team for unspecified reasons.

Adams was another guy who's been moved around quite a bit in the Pitt program. He was a running back, then a linebacker, then a hybrid tight end/fullback on offense, and then back to linebacker. But even with those moves, he had been contributing quite a bit, having played in every game this year.

One thing you may forget is that this wasn't Adams' first brush with trouble, though.

In 2010 under Dave Wannstedt, Adams was suspended for unspecified reasons (though the article seemed to indicate it was related to academic issues).

And the ironic thing is that Todd Graham was just recently saying he was one of the reasons the linebackers were a strength of the team. Graham was reportedly away on a recruiting trip and didn't have any comment.

Whatever the reason was this time, Adams is now gone. It's conceivable that his first offense had something to do with being let go, but regardless, Pitt's linebacking corps just got a bit thinner.