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College Football Rankings: Week 10 SB Nation Blog Poll

Here's Cardiac Hill's SB Nation Blog Poll for Week 10. Comments after the jump:

Oklahoma's nine-spot jump isn't attributed so much to what they did this week against Kansas State (though, blowing out an undefeated top ten team on the road definitely helps) as much as it was that Texas Tech lost. Texas Tech beat Oklahoma previously and with identical records, I felt compelled to move Oklahoma far enough down that they'd be behind the Red Raiders. With Texas Tech losing this weekend, it allowed me to bump the Sooners up a bit more than normal.

And speaking of that game: Really, Kansas State? Thanks for showing up.

A bit closer to home, I have Penn State a bit lower than the polls. No, it's not anti-homerism - I previously had Penn State ranked at No. 21, where they were in the last USA Today poll. But they keep squeaking by and it's hard to move them much higher. Yes, that beats the alternative, but they beat Temple by two, Indiana by six, Purdue by five, and trailed this weekend against Illinois before winning by three. This isn't about saying Penn State sucks (that still sounds good, by the way), but it's more about saying they're not a top 15 team in my opinion, where they're at in the USA Today poll.

Even more closer to home is that I again have two Big East teams ranked. Syracuse fell out, but West Virginia takes their place. Cincinnati (7-1) is the other one in the top 25 - just in time for their visit to Heinz Field this week.