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Getting Ready for Brawl Week

True, Brawl Week is not until next week. But the Panthers do have a bye next week and since hating West Virginia is year round for Pitt fans, we figured we'd get Brawl Week started early by showing some of Pitt's finer moments against the people from that state to the south.

Want to relive Pitt's epic 3 OT win over WVU? We've got you covered.

Care to watch Ronald Ramon sink the game winning shot over the Mountaineers? Here you go.

Feel an urge to watch West Virginia fans get yelled at by Huggy Bear for being...well, WVU fans? We've got a clip.

Need to see Shady run for the game winning touchdown against WVU in the 2008 Backyard Brawl? By all means.

And of course, no Pitt-WVU highlight would be complete without this.

"...the whole thing was just a nightmare..." - Rich Rod

In case you happen to run into any WVU fans over the next 2 weeks, feel free to remind them that:

  • Pitt leads the all-time series 61-39-3
  • Pitt has 9 national championships in football
  • WVU has 0 national championships in football.