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Tyler Palko Gets Starting Nod For Kansas City Chiefs

I like to pride this blog on giving an unbiased view most of the time, but when it comes to Tyler Palko, that sort of goes out the window.

I'm a huge Palko fan and he may be my favorite player at Pitt in recent memory. Palko wasn't the best player at Pitt - not by a long shot. But he was a great leader and after helping the team to their only BCS appearance, he won't be soon forgotten.

To be honest, I always figured Palko would get his shot in the NFL. He's been on some rosters, but didn't get any actual game time until last season (ironically, competing with Bill Stull for a roster spot). Now with Matt Cassel injured for possibly the remainder of the season, Palko will finally get that shot.

Truthfully, though, it doesn't look all that good for him.

Palko and the Chiefs will go through a five-game stretch playing the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers, Chicago Bears, New York Jets, and Green Bay Packers. That may be the toughest five-game stretch of any team this season.

Palko is the only healthy quarterback on the roster right now along with Ricky Stanzi and the Chiefs are almost assuredly going to bring someone else in. That's especially true since it appears the Chiefs may not want to play the rookie Stanzi this season. At 4-5 , they're astonishingly only one game back in their division behind the Oakland Raiders, so it's hard to imagine they'd put all their eggs in the Tyler Palko basket.

That said, it doesn't appear Palko s going to get a quick hook as coach Todd Haley said he will start for the 'foreseeable future.'

There's not much game film of Palko in the pros, obviously - so we present some college highlights of Palko (Note: Derek Kinder looks like an All-American).