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Penn State Scandal: Art Of Insane Speculation Not Yet Dead

Lots of names are being thrown out there for Penn State's next head coach. This one, though, was my favorite:

Tom Bradley could get the interim job, although even that is debatable in case the trustees want someone from outside the university in charge. Are there any recently retired or fired coaches -- with clean records -- who would want to step in through the bowl game? Not sure. possibly Dave Wannstedt, formerly of Pitt?

Um, yeah. That could happen.

So let me get this straight - Not only would Penn State want Dave Wannstedt in the first place - a coach with no ties to university whatsoever and one that had middling success at Pitt, but they'd want to bring him in for a handful of games to help the University through a stormy time?

This was obviously thrown out there before Bradley was named the interim, but some things are simply too good to keep to yourself.