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College Football Rankings: Week 12 SB Nation Blog Poll

Cardiac Hill's Week 12 ballot - notes after the jump.

Boise State and Stanford were obviously the big losers this week. Boise really shot itself in the foot as they could have had a legitimate shot at playing in the National Championship game if they could have won out.

If Oklahoma State loses it becomes a free-for-all. Bama probably is still the best one-loss team in my opinion, but will voters want to see a rematch against LSU?

Houston's out there lurking, but their best win to date is probably a four-point win over a 5-5 UCLA team. They will get some help if they can beat Tulsa (7-3) in their finale and a one-loss Southern Miss team in a C-USA title game, but it won't be nearly enough with so many quality one-loss teams ahead of them.

On the Big East front, Cincinnati gets replaced by West Virginia in my poll. Cincinnati would be my first team out.