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Pitt Recruits Gearing Up For Chesapeake All-Star Bowl Game

There are lots of high school football all-star games and you can add another one to the list. Technically, the Chesapeake Bowl is in its second year, but it's still relatively new.

The game, according to the website, features high school players from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware (North) vs. players from Maryland, D.C. West Virginia, and Virginia (South). This year, the game is on December 30th at Bowie State University in Maryland and since it involves a bunch of local kids, Pitt, as expected, has several players expected to suit up.

Last year, current Pitt players Malcolm Crockett, Artie Rowell, and Lafayette Pitts played in the inaugural game. This year, there are six recruits scheduled to play: Dakota Conwell, Marzett Geter, Tyrique Jarrett, Corey Jones, and William Parks from the North Roster and Devon Porchia is on the South team.

Tickets aren't too bad and if you're in the area, might be wssorth checking out.