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Week 10 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings: Pitt Hangs In Fifth

The Week 10 SB Nation Big East Power Rankings are out and Pitt once again remained in fifth place. Despite a big win against UConn, voters weren't impressed.

So where did I slot Pitt?

Actually, fifth place as well. Here's the Cardiac Hill ballot:

1. Cincinnati
2. West Virginia
3. Louisville
4. Rutgers
5. Pittsburgh
6. Syracuse
7. UConn
8. South Florida

Rutgers crushed Pitt, so despite their loss to Louisville this week, I couldn't find it in me to move Pitt above them - especially when the Scarlet Knights are 5-3 and the Panthers are 4-4. Louisville, a team I repeatedly ranked last this season, is in third now. I don't believe they're the third best team, but I do think they deserve to hold that ranking right now based on everything that's happened in the conference.

And despite the fact that South Florida has a winning record and is 4-3, the Bulls are still last because they're winless in the conference and lost to the 7th place Huskies.

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