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Big East Football: Where a 7-5 Team Could Go to the BCS

And we thought it couldn't get worse after an 8-4 UConn team got steamrolled by Oklahoma in the Fiesta Bowl.

With the day's conference games over (USF vs. Miami obviously doesn't count), we're left with five teams with two conference losses - Louisville, Rutgers, Cincinnati, West Virginia, and Pitt. Of the five teams, there is only one match between teams involved - the Backyard Brawl next Friday. The winner of that match will obviously stay alive for a Big East title and the BCS berth.

Depending on who wins the Backyard Brawl, there are a few teams who control their own destiny towards a BCS berth and unfortunately, Pitt cannot simply win out to claim the BCS berth. If Pitt does win their next two games, a few things must happen.

1) Rutgers must lose to UConn

2) Cincinnati must lose to either UConn or Syracuse

In any kind of three way tie, Pitt would most likely lose out due to being behind in the BCS rankings. The team that has the best chance to be the BCS representative should Pitt win out? Rutgers, thanks to their victory over Cincinnati today. How does a Rutgers-Virginia Orange Bowl sound to you?

Should the Panthers lose to West Virginia, the Mountaineers also wouldn't have a clear path to the BCS. If Louisville were to beat South Florida next weekend, the Cardinals (should Cincinnati lose one more game) would win the BCS berth thanks to their wins over WVU and Rutgers. So we can take some solace in that.

To keep it simple, if Pitt and UConn both win out, Pitt goes to the a 7-5 team. And we thought the cries to strip the conference of it's AQ bid were bad last year.