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Pitt Basketball: A Look At La Salle In The Middle Of Brawl Week

Admit it, you either had no idea Pitt was playing a basketball game tomorrow or forgot.

Pitt hopes to rebound from the Long Beach State nightmare last week and gets La Salle in a home game on Tuesday. Should they win this game? Sure. But it's not exactly a given after what we saw last week and with the fact that La Salle nearly beat Villanova on the road (even leading by five with under a minute and a half left), taking them to overtime.

The Panthers are surely better than Villanova this season, but the fact that La Salle took a Big East program (one that's been pretty good, by the way) to overtime on the road should be cause for at least some concern.

Not a big history between these teams - they've only played once, meeting in the 1984 NIT when Pitt won a close game.

The main guy to watch is guard Tyreek Duren, who comes in averaging more than 21 points a game. Flash back to last week's game when Long Beach State's Casper Ware went off for a career-high 28, and we saw what a good guard can do against this team. 

Also of concern, though, are their 6'8" forwards, Devon White (no, not that Devon White) and Jerrell White. The duo is averaging nearly 14 rebounds a game and with Dante Taylor off to a slow start, the pair could give Pitt trouble in the paint. As I mentioned in the preview over at SB Nation Pittsburgh, it will be interesting to see how much time Jamie Dixon gives to freshmen Khem Birch and Malcolm Gilbert. Neither played much in the last game, but both are supposed to be good rebounders and could help if Dixon thinks Taylor needs a fire lit under him.

The game will been on at 7:00 p.m. on Pitt's broadcast home away from home - ESPN3.