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Pitt Football Recruiting: A Look At New Recruit Jahmahl Pardner

Okay, so this should actually say a 'late' look at Jahmahl Pardner, but this was a killer week trying to get stuff done at work and getting ready for the holiday.

At any rate, Pitt picked up a new verbal from Pardner, who's a cornerback. I've been over this before at SB Nation Pittsburgh, but Todd Graham seems to really be stocking up in this area. This site also says he could be returning kicks and punts as well.

Pardner had several other offers, but according to Scout, he's a two-star recruit with Pitt as his only offer from a BCS AQ conference team. Those two stars might not sound like much, but it's more than what Rivals (who has him unrated) gives him. I do pay attention to recruiting rankings if for no other reason than they can provide a guide, if only a rough one. And after I questioned the pickup of two-star recruit Ronald Jones, who's fitting in pretty well, it gets hard to take these things too seriously.

Pardner is projected as a corner, but he played double duty in high school. He had 43 catches, 745 yards, and 11 touchdowns as a wide receiver and three interceptions and three fumble recoveries as a defensive player. MaxPreps says his three picks were good for sixth in the state and gives plenty of other state and national rankings for his numbers.

He visited the school in October and will do so again in December. According to Pardner, he's grown up a bit lately:

"I have grown as a lot as a player but even more as a person," said the Rochester resident. "I learned to have more respect for everyone and knowing that I had to work for everything. Coming in, I was a little cocky and hard-headed, but now I know that the whole world is not out to get me, that some people have my back. I am very fortunate to have these people."

Lots more on him after the jump.

Pardner is also a jack of all trades, as many high school athletes are. He apparently also plays basketball and is on the track team.

And here's a website with some video on him.

ESPNU says Pitt has a top 30 class and maybe the best one in the Big East thus far (Insider article).