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Oh Yeah, Pitt Plays Basketball Today, Too

Pitt hoops rarely gets kind of swept under the rug, but with the Backyard Brawl tonight, the Pitt-Penn game isn't getting much attention ... especially because the teams are playing simultaneously at 7:00 p.m.

That's not going to change too much. With all of the Pitt-West Virginia coverage today and with the holiday, safe to say there's not going to be much Penn talk until after the game. But you can head over to SB Nation Pittsburgh for my brief look at the basketball game tonight.

Pitt beat up on Penn last season, but expecting a similar result is probably foolish with the way the Panthers have struggled this year. Plus, this is the first time the team is really playing on the road this season and with so many younger guys getting key minutes, that could be a factor.

In its last three games, Pitt beat Rider by eight, lost to Long Beach State by ten, and beat La Salle by four. Not exactly the stuff top 25 teams are made of. Losing this game would be an upset, but definitely not out of the realm of possibility.