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College Football Rankings: Week 14 SB Nation Blog Poll

Here's Cardiac Hill's Week 14 Blog Poll ballot - comments after the jump:

Looking more and more like we're headed to an LSU-Bama rematch. Personally, I think that sucks. I don't particularly care that they are probably the two best teams. To me, if the regular season is virtually an elimination scenario like we're told by the BCS folks, then I don't want to see that game again.

I'm still at sort of a loss on what to do with Houston. I stuck them behind all of the one-loss teams other than Boise, because all of those teams have at least one very good win ... something Houston does not. If they beat Southern Miss this week, I still think that doesn't give them the win they need to jump those other teams in my opinion. And speaking of Southern Miss, they could be a potential opponent for Pitt in the Liberty Bowl, so you may want to pay attention to their game against Houston this week.

Still don't know how Oregon ranks ahead of USC since they have the same number of losses (two) and the Trojans won their head-to-head matchup, beating the Ducks on the road.

On the Big East front, West Virginia remains as my only ranked team.