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Dante Taylor Expected Back Wednesday ... But Will He Start?

After sitting out two games with migranes, it sounds as if Dante Taylor will be back for Wednesday night's City Game against Duquesne. Taylor hasn't played all that well this season, but I was still leaning towards believing Jamie Dixon would start him over freshman Khem Birch.

But Dixon sounds as if that's far from a guarantee.

Of the situation:

Dixon said that "it doesn't make sense to speculate at this point" on how the minutes will be split between Taylor and Birch.

"Either way, they're both going to play," Dixon said. "There's no question about that. Starting gets talked about a little bit more, but it's about minutes and who's playing and who's playing well. I've always felt that, either way, who was starting or who was playing, we'd eventually be to this spot and we'd have two very productive guys at that spot."

Dixon could be simply unwilling to show his hand for the Duquesne matchup or he really may not know what he's yet going to do. But as he says, both are going to play, so it's not a huge deal.

Still, if Birch starts based on the merit of two good games, it may be an indication of just how impressed Dixon is with him.