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Tulane Considering Michael Haywood As Football Coach?

This one surprised me a bit, but according to ESPN's Joe Schad via Twitter, Tulane is considering Michael Haywood as a candidate for its next football coach.

Now, it's no shock to me that Haywood is getting an opportunity to be a head coach again. But I am surprised that it's happening so soon.

By firing head coach Bob Toledo in mid-season, apparently Tulane thinks the domestic violence charge isn't as big of a deal as it sounds. I've said before that it could sound worse than the incident really was. The charge could have originated from something as simple as a virtual accident (which we've looked at before), but that it was my opinion that Pitt really wasn't in a position to wait it out due to recruiting, etc.

I did think Haywood would eventually get another shot because of the lack of clarity about what really went down with the woman involved, but I expected it to be more of a 'work your way up' situation where he'd start out as an assistant and gradually move up the the food chain.

This isn't a guarantee and just how strong of a candidate he is isn't known at this point. But just the fact that he's getting consideration for a Division I job already.


Tulane blog Fear the Wave asks the obvious question:

I gotta ask. Are you kidding me?