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Pitt Basketball: Panthers Recognized by

As part of their season preview, is looking at some of the top players in college basketball. Pitt has shown up in several of their lists.

Ashton Gibbs, no surprise, showed up in a few places. He was first on their list of top 100 players at #14. He is also #4 on their list of top 30 point guards. Finally, he was #3 on their list of top shooters.

3. Ashton Gibbs, 6-2, 190, G, Sr., Pittsburgh: Has raised his shooting percentage from beyond the arc in each of his three seasons. Shot 39 percent as a freshman, 43.9 as a sophomore and a sizzling 49 percent a year ago. You won't find many shooters in the nation better than Gibbs.

Nasir Robinson and J.J. Moore also made a few of their lists.

Nas showed up as one of their top interior defenders:

Nasir Robinson, 6-5, 225, F, Sr., Pittsburgh -- Versatile enough to guard a perimeter guy -- and also able to defend post players. He's tough, brings energy, communicates and plays hard.

J.J. Moore was #10 on their list of breakout players.

10. J.J. Moore, 6-6, SG, Soph., Pittsburgh -- Moore is talented, but there just wasn't much room for him to get on the court a year ago with Gilbert Brown and Brad Wanamaker around. Those guys are gone -- and Moore will become a significant contributor for the Panthers.

I'm not surprised by any of these, although I would say Dante Taylor is more of a breakout player this season than J.J. only because he will likely be seeing more playing time as he should be a starter. Moore's status as a starter is still up in the air.