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Will NBA Draft Factor In Ashton Gibbs' 2012 Play?

Practically a month ago, I wondered aloud if Ashton Gibbs would the NBA Draft get in the way of his play this season. Now, others are asking the same exact question.

Ray Fittipaldo of the Post-Gazette brings it up as well. The 'problem' for Gibbs goes something like this:

He's got a better chance to make the NBA if he can prove that he's a playmaker. He's played the point, but scouts likely want to see more athleticism out of him. Does Gibbs try to do more of that and less what he does best (which is score)?

Playmaking isn't discouraged at Pitt, obviously. But Gibbs playing out of his comfort zone would be to a degree. So what's the answer?

Frankly, I don't see it.

For one, Gibbs doesn't come off as the selfish type. Second, I think once the season starts, it's 'win' mode. I can't believe that Gibbs (or many other players, for that matter) would sacrifice winning in lieu of breaking defenders' ankles or making flashy passes. There are times when players try to do too much, but with games on the line, it becomes an entirely different situation.

My bet is that we may see some of that early on in the year. You know, while Pitt is giving some mid-major a well-deserved beatdown. Just enough for the highlight reel...

Pitt's up by 30? Sure, we might see a no-look pass. But to be honest, I think the chances of Gibbs turning into Stephon Marbury in a Big East game against UConn are slim to none. What I could see is Gibbs driving to the basket, but if you watched last year, you know he did a good amount of that already.

Gibbs' game isn't likely to change all that much ... and for Pitt, that's a good thing.