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College Football Rankings: Week 11 SB Nation Blog Poll

Cardiac Hill's Week 11 SB Nation Blog Poll ballot - comments after the jump:

The big game this week was obviously LSU-Alabama and LSU is virtually a clear cut choice at No. 1. The big question out of this week was how far would Alabama drop.

Personally, I slotted them fifth behind Stanford, Oklahoma State, and Boise State. Those teams are undefeated and have proven enough for me to put them just ahead of Bama. If Stanford and OK State run the table, I think they deserve to be ahead of the Crimson Tide for a National title shot. The interesting thing will be if those two teams stumble along the way.

Does Boise then finally get its national championship game or do we get a rematch of Alabama-LSU? I'd vote for the former, but I don't think that's how voters would respond if the Crimson Tide are able to win out.

On the Big East front, Cincinnati moves up to No. 16 this week. West Virginia drops out after their loss to Louisville.