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2012 College Football Top 25 Rankings: Athlon Releases Preseason List ... Already

I'm as big a fan of preseason top 25 lists as anybody, but this is a bit ridiculous (although, I'm not entirely sure what that says about me for plugging it).

The 2011 regular season is over, but the bowls haven't even begun yet. That said, Athlon's taken to putting out their pre-, preseason top 25 rankings for 2012.

Athlon has their top 25 list out and it's no surprise that the Big East isn't getting much respect. Still, things are a bit better than they have been in recent memory as the conference has two top 25 teams ranked.

The site has West Virginia at No. 18 and Louisville at No. 23.

That could all change if the Mountaineers are granted their Big East release in time for next season, obviously. But if they're back in the conference, Athlon appears to make them the early favorite.

2013 newcomer Boise State comes in at No. 20.

Here's the entire Athlon list.