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Todd Graham Getting Called Out In Arizona

Lots of things about Todd Graham's departure were funny, but this one is pretty good. A TV station in Arizona has, shall we say, some questions about Mr. Graham's integrity.

Thanks to PittScript for digging this one up.

Kudos on the TV station for doing some digging and not simply spouting the company line about this being a great hire, etc. It's interesting to see others outside of Pittsburgh starting to question this fraud and while I'm sure Graham expected some backlash locally, I have a hard time believing that he expected he'd be under so much ridicule on a national level.

Graham clearly deserves what he's getting and the folks out west will no doubt be watching his every move. There is, of course, one thing that could save the hire - and that's, as one of the anchors on the clip mentions, if he wins. And as much as we rip him (and, personally, as much as I don't think it will happen), Graham could go there and win.

But let's hope not.