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College Basketball Rankings: Pitt Up Slightly In Week 7 Polls

The most recent polls came out yesterday and while Pitt did manage to move up, it wasn't much.

Pitt remained at No. 15, failing to jump Xavier who was throttled by unranked Oral Roberts after playing without Tu Holloway and company for their part in the brawl against Cincinnati. However, they did jump the Musketeers in the ESPN/USA Today poll and moved up to No. 13 there.

Pitt's barely made any headway in the polls after their early loss to Long Beach State. After that loss, the Panthers ranked No. 17 in the AP poll and No. 16 in the ESPN/USA Today poll. But in the four weeks of new rankings, Pitt's only moved up two spots in the AP and three in the ESPN/USA Today. Part of that's due to the fact that teams in front of them simply aren't losing, but part is also because Pitt doesn't have a win over a ranked opponent yet.

The Panthers should have another couple of wins this week with games against St. Francis and Wagner ... though the latter is 7-3 and doesn't look like a bad team.

Here are the full rankings.