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Ashton Gibbs, Not Tray Woodall, Named As Bob Cousy Award Candidate

Got a curious press release yesterday about the Bob Cousy Award candidates for this year. The award, in case you're not familiar with it, is for the nation's best point guard. Pitt had a player on it, but it wasn't Tray Woodall, who as the team's point guard, was on an assist tear.

Instead, Ashton Gibbs got the call.


I know that Gibbs has played the point at times, but he's clearly not the team's point guard this season. Whoever made the nominations was in a bit of a tight spot seeing that there were 60 players named and they had to find enough candidates. But even a casual glance at the team would have showed that not only was Woodall having a big year, but he's due to come back from injury soon and can continue to put up huge numbers.

Hard to kill these guys too hard because they can't possibly be expected to know everything about every team, but nevertheless, this is an oversight.

Here's the full list of candidates.