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College Basketball Rankings: Pitt Drops To No. 22 In ESPN/USA Today Top 25

As expected, Pitt took a bit of a hit in the most recent ESPN/USA Today college basketball rankings, falling to No. 22 in the poll. Sitting at No. 13, Pitt could have actually approached the top ten with a win over Wagner last week, but we know how that worked out.

Sliding nine spots against a decent mid-major at home probably was an appropriate penalty. Hard to argue - especially with a voter who saw the game. Pitt looked abysmal and with two losses now on the season, deserves to be on the edge of the Top 25.

The Syracuse Orange remained No. 1 taking home 30 of the 31 first-place votes (No. 2 Ohio State snared the remaining one). The AP poll isn't yet out, but Pitt will likely suffer a similar fate there. The Panthers were only No. 15 in that poll and could find themselves very close to falling completely out of that poll depending on how voters viewed the loss.