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BBVA Compass Bowl: SMU Tickets Sales Going Slowly As Well

Earlier today, I mentioned that Pitt's ticket sales for the BBVA Compass Bowl weren't going so hot according to Andrea Adelson's report.

Ticket sales, though, are a two-way street and it appears that SMU isn't doing such a great job in that department, either.

I typically don't reference message boards all that much, but such is life when information is scarce. Apparently, SMU fans have had some way of tracking their school's ticket sales for the game. As of about a week ago, it's been rumored that only about 500 tickets had been sold from the SMU side.

If that number is correct, that, again, isn't something that would include third party ticket sales. Still, SMU's side hasn't been selling a ton of tickets, either.

Neither school is particularly close to Birmingham, so that's part of the problem. But if the reports/speculation is correct, the two schools still may have yet to sell 3,000 tickets so far. And that's downright pathetic no matter how you look at it.