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Pitt Vs. Syracuse: Open Gamethread

We've had a somewhat muted level of coverage on the Syracuse game this weekend. Call it apathy, if you will, but the fact is I've just been swamped this week.

Greg, fortunately, had a look at the team this week, though.

My pick? I think Pitt wins this game. One thing that kind of gets lost in the shuffle since Pitt is 5-6 is that the Panthers have been pretty competitive this season ... and against some decent teams. They lost by a point to the Mountaineers in Morgantown, had Iowa beaten on the road until they fell apart, and lost to and Cincinnati and Notre Dame at home by only three.

And, let's be honest - the Orange aren't a very good team this season. There was the anomaly of crushing West Virginia back in October, but since then, they've lost four straight to Louisville, UConn, South Florida, and Cincinnati. I've got to think Todd Graham will have the team ready as they try to get to a bowl game.

Pitt 30, Syracuse 17.

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