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Big East Power Rankings: Pitt Ends Disappointing Season In Middle Of The Pack

Thanks again to Andrew over at The UConn Blog for running the annual Big East power rankings. More often than not, Pitt found themselves in the middle of the conference, and that's where they ended up.

Here was the final Cardiac Hill ballot for the season.

1. WVU
2. Cincinnati
3. Louisville
4. Rutgers
5. Pitt
6. UConn
7. South Florida
8. Syracuse

Want more Big East Power Rankings? Big East blogger Andrea Adelson of ESPN, who I've taken to task on prior rankings, has her final ballot - and ours is identical to hers.

The last ballot was pretty cut and dry in my opinion. West Virginia won the conference's BCS bid and beat Cincinnati - the only other team in the conference with nine wins.

I think it's safe to say that if you told me before the season began Pitt would only finish in the middle of the pack, I'd have been in shock. The Big East, as expected, wasn't all that great. But Pitt really underachieved this season - that much is obvious.