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Pitt Basketball: Ashton Gibbs Nearing Return From Injury

Gibbs should return this week (Photo by Mitchell LaytonGetty Images)
Gibbs should return this week (Photo by Mitchell LaytonGetty Images)
Getty Images

Pitt is gearing up for the return of Ashton Gibbs. The question is, when will it happen?

According to Gibbs' mother, he could have played in Saturday's game against Villanova, but Pitt was being extra cautious with him:

Jacqui Gibbs, Ashton’s mother, said her son was ready to play Saturday.

"He wants to play tonight [at Villanova] because it’s such a big game," she said Saturday by phone. "He says he feels fine but they are just being cautious."

Pitt, of course, clearly made the right decision. Even if the Panthers would have lost that game, it was still the right move. Pitt has played well without Gibbs, but they can't afford to be without him healthy in postseason play.

So when will Gibbs return?

According to 'a source' mentioned in the article, it will be the South Florida game. But if not then, Gibbs sounds as if he'll be ready to play in the St. John's game on Saturday.

If I had to guess, I'd expect to see Gibbs in limited action on Wednesday. But if he's even still hampered by the injury even a little, Pitt should sit him. They shouldn't need him to win against South Florida at home and it's better to play it safe.